This blog is my attempt to get my head around Books Apps.  It is about their content, form, and commercial viability.

It is concerned with the big question of whether they are a significant new form or a malformed bastard media that is inherently unsatisfying and doomed to failure.

I have an ulterior motive here. My CV begins with a degree in Computer Science, at which point I got a job in TV as a runner on The Big Breakfast.  I then produced a number of TV programmes about video games, followed by producing video games themselves (for the PS2, XBox and Gamecube). I then wrote a biography of Timothy Leary and became a director of preschool cartoons.  My career, then, is a wandering, aimless mess, happily but incoherently staggering from one interesting diversion to the next.  Or at least, it is if there is no future in Tablet Books.  If Tablet Books take off, then this wealth of experience in animation, books, video games and computers suddenly makes an awful lot of sense.

So I have started this blog to try and discover if there is something more than an unwanted Frankenstein media emerging, and hopefully learn more from you lot out there.  So please comment on the posts, find me on Twitter or just email.

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